Friday, 7 March 2008

OECD Workshop on Fibre Investment and Policy Challenges, Stavanger, Norway, 10-11 April 2008

The aim of the Workshop is to examine fibre investment across the OECD and look for best practices across a range of investment scenarios. The Draft agenda of the Workshop is available in PDF format. Yours truly will also give a presentation with the title: Dig or wait: Is now the best time to roll out fibre? (Funny thing; they already have the title. I haven't even started making the presentation yet) Oh well, I don't need to find a catchy title ;-)

My session will be: Investment opportunities and challenges
The investment session will look at the opportunities and challenges facing existing communication operators and new market entrants (e.g. utilities) as they work to expand fibre coverage. The session will evaluate situations where investment makes economic sense for private firms and other situations where governments may need to play a more active role. It will look at the track record of various public/private sector partnerships and attempt to find some effective recommendations.


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