Tuesday, 22 July 2008

KPN launches FTTH €65-€110/month

As of last Friday KPN launched FTTH. On their website http://www.kpnglasvezel.nl there is some information. Initially there are only 5 locations where the service can be had.
  1. Almere
  2. Son en Breugel
  3. Uden
  4. Veghel
  5. Elburg.

The Bronze package has 30mbit/s down for €65 and 3 up, Silver 50/5 €80 and Gold 60/6mbit for €110 . All offer a triple play including unlimited national calls to fixed lines and a minimum of 50 tv-channels with a harddisk recorder. There is VoD available, but no mention of HD-TV. http://www.kpnglasvezel.nl/nederland/?id=20

I think the bandwidth is a bit disappointing especially upstream. But hey, that's life. Hopefully competition will cure that (except, noone is competing at the moment)

Monday, 21 July 2008

Interview with Benoit and with me on FTTH in Draka Nexst

Draka recently interviewed me on my FTTH report for the OECD. In the same issue of Nexst you can find an interview with Benoit Felten of Fiberevoluiton and an article on Reggefiber.