Thursday, 29 October 2009

The Future of Interconnection, or why we continue to pay for Voice

My second presentation at Emerging Communications Europe 2009 (Ecomm2009). The outline is: One would expect that because of the rise of data we wouldn’t have to pay for voice anymore, this won’t happen because:
  • With data overtaking voice even on mobile networks, one would expect that soon we don’t pay for voice anymore
  • We accept paying by the minute because voice is highly valued and it is a familiar way of billing
  • The way voice interconnection is paid for in Europe is the reason we are stuck with paying by the minute
  • Only when the current interconnection model is removed will voice be ‘free’

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Why all telecom companies should follow Free.Fr's example

I just finished my talk at the Emerging Communications Conference in Amsterdam. It was great fun to give and Brough asked the question he said he would ask. The answer is in the backup-slides. It was fun giving the presentation, unfortunately noone from Free in the audience :-)

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

(Video) How the internet works, what peering is and what exchanges are

Vincent Rais, a mega-uber value reader pointed me to the topic of this article. Euro-IX, the European Internet Exchange Association held a competition for a movie that explains how the internet works and what the role of an Internet Exchange Point is and how peering works. The movie that was the result, is really good and much recommended if you ever need to explain it yourself, or need to understand it. (it comes with subtitles too) If you want to continue with your education, have a look at my explanation of peering and transit over at Ars Technica. (or have a look at the dr. Peering site)