Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Telecom Time CEO debate fixed networks.

Eelco blok, Diederik karsten, Bernard dijkhuizen, henrik ringmar, chris fonteijn

UPC: our network is already 93% fiber.

KPN: I will give a sneak preview. I agree with UPC that most of the network is already fibre. All of us are already investing. Next week we will show how we will retain our number 1 position. What we think is important is that the networks are open. We are a wholesale party and we will open our networks. We will defend our market share.

Ziggo: We have invested already a lot in fiber. The question is what customers want. You have to stay ahead of what the customer wants. The speeds we are currently offering are not theoretical and we can attain much higher speeds in the future.

Moderator: OPTA can you tell me what you mean by that there are no services for fiber

OPTA: What I wanted to do is to push our thinking and counter a way of thinking that is prevalent in our politics. I don’t think we are in trouble in the coming 5 years. I don’t see a major role for the government. Our society isn’t in trouble at the moment.

UPC: We don’t believe in facilitating. Governments seem to think that it means doing most of the investments. The government should invest in new services. It’s like my kids who want me to facilitate my homework and I can say I recently had a 9 out of 10 for my report on Venice.

Ziggo: We believe in moderation for governments.

KPN: we also believe in a moderate role for governments in infrastructure. Governments should focus on new services for instance for eCare.

Moderator: KPN is focussing on open networks. Ziggo seems to be more of a media company.

Ziggo: we don’t see ourselves as a media company. We provide access to services and content, but that doesn’t make us a media company. We just want to make things easy for our customers.

UPC: we deliver access and services. People often say we are a dumb pipe. I do think we add value and we do offer a service.

Moderator: Tele2 is offering over different infrastructures.

Tele2: We think that OPTA is doing a good job. We have the second biggest fiber network in the country. For a customer its about the services and not about the network. We are ahead in the market and offer VDSL already. We will keep our competitors sharp.

Moderator: how big do you think the role of mobile will become in the Bundle.

KPN: We think that the role of mobile will become very important in the Bundle. Not for telephony, but it will be important for the data market.

Tele2: The Netherlands is lagging a lot with mobile internet. There are three very happy mobile operators and they aren’t competing.

KPN: I believe it is because we are so far ahead with fixed broadband. People don’t really focus on mobile broadband as they already have access.

Ziggo: I believe that OPTA is wrong with its statement of two is not enough. I believe we have one of themost competitive markets. We have 5 networks already.

OPTA: At this moment mobile isn’t a competitor in the broadband market. We only look 3-5 years ahead. Longer ahead just isn’t possible. 2 networks is the current situation. Satellite, mobile and fiber isn’t big enough yet. We evaluate this position every three years.

Moderator: UPC and Ziggo how important do you think mobile data is.

Ziggo: We think mobile data is important for the future. We are evaluating how we are going to offer that in the future, but haven’t made any decision yet.

Tele2: we do all these things already. And we promise we will be a very good customer for analogue cable too. Eelco can confirm this.

Ziggo: you would be very good customers at 13.5 euro.

Question: What do you think of the developments in France.

UPC: The French broadband market used to be scary for us and we would think that that shouldn’t happen here. Now we have a much more open idea of what can happen. We do see as a possibility of what can happen in the Dutch market.

Question: Do you expect other ISP’s to offer over your cable network
Ziggo: we only see wholesale in B2B. There is no place for it in the consumer market.

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