Wednesday, 9 December 2009

CEO debate mobile telephony (TelecomTime)

CEO debate mobile telephone
Jens Schulte-Bockum, Marco Visser, Bart Weijermars, Mark Frequin
The challenge in the Nethelrands is that three new players will enter the 2.6Ghz.
Being a player in the market isn’t just about building a network. We’re spending more than a billion a year the three of us in Subscriber Acquisition cost.
Vodafone: We find it a pity that everyone is discussing how many new entrants there will be in the market. It is about getting more of 800 Mhz and offering more spectrum/bandwidth. But the Netherlands is lagging with the 800 debate. The Netherlands could fall behind a lot. It has also prohibited all of the existing players to get 2 times 20Mhz. So they cannot get 100mbit down
T-Mobile: is finding a pity that everybody is focussing on the network and not on the services. More networks will only increase the cost.
Vodafone: The Netherlands is the most competitive market in almost every segment of the telecom market. I am really passionate about innovation. The Netherlands has many interesting start ups. If we would speed up the 800Mhz network, than the innovators will come. I have sympathy for the 2.6Ghz auction, but why do we have caps. We don’t know if there are new players and you are already excluding us from the auction.
Roamning and MTA discussion.
KPN: I agree with the roaming decision. Regulators should have been much slower in their MTA regulation.
Question on pricing
Vodafone: A flat fee model is not sustainable in the long run. Additional usage means additional cost.
Question on last years debate where they said: SAC is too high, Too many shops, Too many brands
KPN is saying they are lowering SAC levels
T-Mobile: We are actually opening shops. It is not for us to decide how many shops there are in themarket. It is up to the consumer.
Vodafone: there are still anomalies in themarket. The current MVNO segment is not sustainable. 50-60 market parties just is too much. We aren’t subsidizing the internet retail market anymore. The indirect retail market is enormous given the size of the country.
KPN: I counted 21 telecomshops in the Kalverstraat alone. (3 of KPN)
KPN has written the book on multi-brands. It will work with MTV next year to launch a new brand
T-mobile asks if it is going to be SIM69 the erotic content MVNO on KPNs network in Germany

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