Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Min of Econ Affairs Vision on Mobile Communication (TelecomTime)

Mark Frequin, Director General Energy and Telecom , Ministry of Econ Affairs, Netherlands.
The change from old to new is hard in policy issues like spectrum policy. Flexible use of mobile is very hard to achieve as it influences the old ways of doing. We need more space for economic growth and innovation. Following changing circumstances quicker and spectrum use without licenses.
Current licenses are made more flexible. In the 2.6Ghz more flexibility in use by the license holder.
There is a lot of spectrum to be released until 2017 (short term in government terms). 800MHZ will be a consultation in Q2 2009. 900 and 1800 will be distributed in 2013. 2100 will be done by 2017. The idea is to do this in a way that shows consistency instead of working individually for each band of spectrum.
The goals of the ministry are:
1. A competitive mobie market
2. Innovation space for newcomers
3. Attractive services to the consumer
Dilemma is how to ensure continuity and space for new comers.
Competition in the market together with a space to innovate.
Market parties want to have chohesion between frequency bands, consistency and predictability, international harmonisation, cooperation between government players. They also want respect for ht ecurrent players and their investments.
The ministry will publish its vision on the mobile market in the coming year 2010.

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