Wednesday, 9 December 2009

On the future of (fixed) servide providers (TelecomTime)

On the future of (fixed) servide providers

Mirko Mensink Ziggo
The market is saturating. 50% of the market is bundling. The customer wants value added services. For digital TV the amount of channels is important. Competition is getting vry important with very aggressive market parties like Tele2 and Alice. FTTH is also an important competitor.
Ericsson is quoted with 4 scenarios. Brands and Pipes, User Choice, Green Shift and All inclusive.
Ziggo doesn’t believe any of the scenarios will be thefuture. The likelihood is all of them are part of the future. 
Ziggo asks the following questions:
Does the customer want choice or do they want convenience
Does the network evolve into a dumb pipe or will services be dependent on the network
Do we see all purpose devices and specialists devices
What is the regulatory environment?
Ziggo believes that the future is more and more different screens. Multiple screens per home/person. The TV market is developing fasts. Currently the market for Television screens 1.8 million per year. Interactivity and ond-demand.
Ziggos new commercial with Leo Beenhakker
Ziggo is the first cable company offering Comon Interface Plus. It allows your tv to do digital tv without a set top box.
Ziggo tries to get closer to the customer. Travels through the country with a bus. New flagship stores and the Ziggo Dome.
Its content offers are standard Video on Demand, but also everything the History Channel ever made. Customers can also programme their own PVR via the internet and their mobile.

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