Friday, 13 August 2010

Video: Why all telecom marketing and product management is wrong

Last year I gave two presentations at eComm Europe. Both were captured on video. The first one, on interconnection and telephone pricing, was up for some weeks. The second one, on telecom marketing and product management, is now available for your viewing pleasure. It aligns well with my previous blog post on choosing simplicity. Please if you have any comments send them.

And the presentation slides are here:


  1. Rudolf,

    Thanks for publishing the video of this brief presentation. Good stuff, and very interesting for anyone who is not an incumbent. Pigs won't fly, so this is the way for the rest of us!

  2. Thanks a lot for posting this! I think that the government should just hold tenders to build fiber networks everywhere, and then let loose a complete free-for-all of service providers making use of the networks. No incumbents no problems;-)

  3. Hello Rudolf,

    nice presentation. As having to do primarily with operators i recognise this issue; they want to be something else - the grass seems always greener there.

    Also the discussions on forums keep going back to the same old question "what drives bandwith growth" or "when do operators introduce new broadband services" , "what will be the killer-app". There is no answer.

    Just keep expanding the bandwith, people WILL use it!

    on the presentation ehhhh few tips..

    - speak more articulated
    - do not button your jacket
    - use less words per slide


  5. Enjoyed your presentation, thank you for posting it and the slides. Here in the US, the Telcos get it but do not care. Most Americans are unaware of the $900 Billion plus given (tax $$$ + fees + add'l taxes) to the telcos since 1990 to provide Fiber period. Where's the Fiber?

    The collective amnesia on the part of US providers is no surprise or at least should not be. Therefore we are positioning ourselves NOT to have TO PLAY any longer. ~ Where Americans can get FTTH Synchronous bandwidth today in the USA (less than 30 communities)

    We SHALL have:

    Minimum Bandwidth guarantees
    Net neutrality
    No Censorship
    Bi-synchronous bandwidth (same up as down w/out restrictions) 99.9%
    User Owned Fiber (Unity has UOF) or Community Owned Fiber.(Greenlight, EPB, LUS) (To prevent future abuse by the Telcos, being on Google's back haul and not the telcos would be a huge plus also)

    Able to run our own personal cloud servers (no restrictions), any servers (VoIP, Mail, etc...) for that matter!
    Just the pipe, no restrictive combo deals. (My VoIP phone costs are < $10 per month, I will never go back)

    What is the term used today, Innovate or die, is what they need to be worried about now, not how to squeeze yet another few months out of an outdated infrastructure. Nor should they consider proposing any intermediate solutions from where they are today and Fiber (to and into our homes).

    We do not need cable or TV via any other source other than the Internet, nor do we need any additional hardware to see high definition content as our computers already do all that for us now. Many of us have been cable TV free since before 2006. All of us have endured years of aggressive abuse and customer no service, why would we want to go back to that, ever! They wrongly believe we do NOT have a choice, surprise, we do! Granted many American consumers seem to be oblivious or refuse to force their communities to change...which only hurts their children, their families, their neighbors.
    Worth repeating, no set top boxes (they just get in the way or limit us in some stupid way in order to create a dependence and billable event) or other hardware between us and the Internet except that Fiber Modem. And yes we have the option to own that outright as well, many people do. (DD-WRT, OpenWRT, Tomato Firmware on a supported firewall/router that we own is better than any restrictive company offering and it lets us log anything and everything, including seeing our bandwidth in real time 24 X 7 X 365! Talk about an eye opener, seeing how badly your service is being throttled.)

    We are not waiting for the telcos any longer. Nor are we waiting for them to honor their 1990s era promises of Fiber to our homes. They have lost our TRUST, they continue to abuse our TRUST.

    They (Telcos) have proved beyond doubt they will not provide decent bandwidth without government intervention as occurred successfully in Japan (100Mbps/100Mbps < $55 per month in 2000,). Americans would have had that in 2000 as well except for the success of the Telecommunications – Cable – Cellular oligopoly lobbyists. Props to your success, however short-sighted these types of business practices are.

    We are moving or planning to move to communities that provide Fiber To The Home (FTTH). While this is largely to get out from under the telco stranglehold, many of us are looking for opportunity as well. We see UOF, FTTH as the ONLY hope for a BRIGHT FUTURE Anything other than Fiber all the way inside our homes is a non starter, short sighted given history and just an excuse not to provide decent matter how they dress it up (marketing)!


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