Friday, 20 August 2010

Belgian hog uses 2.7TB, but how much money is that?

Ars Technica has the Belgian Bandwidth Hog story and even credits me, thanks Nate, but one element is missing, what does the little piggy cost?

2.7TBybte is roughly 9 mbit/s sustained traffic.

  • 1mbit/s/month of transit is $1 wholesale now in London and Amsterdam through Hurricane Electric -->9 dollar
  • If you would work with a day and night rythm for the traffic, where the average peak is about twice the average--> 18 dollars. --> do understand that an ISP like Telenet will use peering too, which would result in a lower bandwidth bill.
  • If you buy the traffic up front from a hosting company 20 euro per Terabyte retail --> 54 euro
  • If you need to buy the traffic because you went over the traffic you bought up front it's 50 euro per Terabyte retail. --> 135 euro

So the top downloader in Belgium is most likely still profitable to Telenet... though marginally


  1. Just a few more numbers to put it into perspective:

    - 1$ per Mbps is only with a few select "low budget" providers. It's a bit higher for "decent" transit

    - that price gives you 1 fiber link to a provider. It does *not* include *any* routing equipment, redundant paths or the other good stuff you actually want

    - that price gets you the link, at the internet exchange. The price to get that same mbps to your home that's in a small village, is a multiple of that price!

    That being said, I totally agree with you that Tenelet shouldn't wine and just make the products (at least the "expensive" ones) totally limit-less.

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