Wednesday, 14 July 2010

A clip of my presentation on the future of interconnection at Ecomm

Lee Dryburgh put up the movie of my presentation on the future of interconnection. I gave this presentation last year at Ecomm '09 in Amsterdam. It covers topics like Calling Party Pays and Peering and Transit. What I set out to demonstrate was that it is very economically beneficial for networks to treat voice differently than data. This is because all networks benefit from the current Calling Party Pays interconnection scheme. A triple play ISP may see up to 10% of it's revenue and a significant part of its profit resulting from the fact that it has to 7.5 cents per minute to a mobile network. The lowering of mobile termination fees is therefore feared by many ISP's, because it negatively affects there turnover, even though most of the money just passes its bank account to go to the mobile networks. I have embedded both the movie and the presentation for your convenience.

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