Monday, 2 August 2010

Most expensive and least expensive iPad data countries

Wired had this datafile on its website and I must say I am flabbergasted. It seems to bear little relationship to broadband data for fixed networks. For instance France is by far the most expensive. A gigabyte of data costs about as much as 1 month of unlimited calling to 100 nations, 28mbit DSL and HD-TV. Belgium is expensive too, just like their broadband, so no surprises there, but the Netherlands is a laggard too and data is cheap in NL. Germany is the exact opposite, it is a wired broadband laggard, but one of the cheapest countries when it comes to mobile data. Why a German Vodafone customer pays 15 times less per bit than a Dutch one is just baffling. Have fun with the data and tell me what you think.

Slide with your mouse over the countries and the prices to see more information, for instance that Europeans pay a hefty extra for buying Apple.

And here is a version that I hacked together to show the costs for the cheap version together with the expensive version. The sorting is still done by the expensive version, with the high usage, but the bar extends to the price per gigabyte of the cheap version. It's not perfect but it's getting there. Also I hacked together two versions that show per country what the price ranges of the operators are and per operator what different prices they charge in different countries. (T-Mobile NL was mislabelled by the original source and I can't fix that). Yet another version might be to show the differences in absolute prices, regardless of the amount of gigabytes. And I think the 30 Gigabytes that the original calculators used for the unlimited version is a bit too high, bringing down the lowest per Gigabyte charges too much.

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