Thursday, 5 August 2010

I am a bonafide radio pundit now, 5 million heard me.. for 4 seconds

Yesterday I received an e-mail from the NPR radio programme Marketplace Morning Edition if I wanted to do an interview on the future of phone numbers in the light of Vonage and Facebook working together. I had a really nice phone call of about ten minutes with the editor that you hear in the segment, Jill Barsay. We discussed mr. Strowger and his competitors wife and Skype etc. etc. I tried to keep my answers to sound bites... quite hard to do, but fun.. So this afternoon I tune in to the website, find my piece and yes, I've been reduced to a 4 second blurb. :-) That's being a pundit for you. Listen to it, or read the transcript here:



Best thing is there is a memorisation expert in there, who had memorized a phone book. Great... now go and learn all the facebook accounts, URI's, e-mail adresses etc. 

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