Monday, 31 August 2009

Ouch, KPN forgets it offers FTTH in Almere

KPN has launched a new website called "", which is a website to compare internet subscriptions. The website only shows KPN DSL-subscriptions of KPN brands; KPN, Telfort, Het Net and XS4All. It however omits KPN's FTTH offers.

As all of you know Reggefiber has built an FTTH-network all the way into my house in Almere and KPN is the sole provider at the moment on that network. KPN has invested in a 41% stake in Reggefiber, so I thought I would be able to see the KPN fiber offer in my home.After all at 1000 euro/house connected it is quite a sizeable investment. Unfortunately this isn't the case. KPN seems to dislike people moving away from DSL to fiber and doesn't promote it's offer at all on this website (or by any other means as far as I can see, except for

The site also excludes providers who use KPN's network to offer their services, resellers and those that use KPN's copper but through Local Loop Unbundling (BBNed, Tele2 etc) and of course offers of cable providers like UPC, Ziggo or Kabel Noord are not shown. I can understand omitting cable as KPN doesn't get any money from customers going to these networks, but LLU and wholsale broadband access is real money for KPN. I once heard someone at KPN say: "I don't care who sells the copper as long as it gets sold. When they  move to cable, that is when I get angry"

So my question to you Are the margins on DSL so good that it is more profitable not to get a return on a sunk investment in FTTH?

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  1. Maybe you're reading too much into it. As far as I've spoken to people at KPN, fiber's just not accepted internally. I predict it's more a case of different departments than anything else.


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