Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Fiber to the Container, or how to promote KPN fiber

KPN installed two containers at strategic locations in Almere (a third one will come later). The containers contain a demo site of KPN's fiber proposition. The containers are manned by at least one and sometimes two KPN people, who explain and give demos. It's just KPN and not any of the other Glashart providers (XMS or Tweak).

The locations are quite well chosen. In Almere Buiten it is next to the Albert Heijn, Hema and Lidl. For those of you not Dutch, these are the traditional three of Saturday shopping. Albert Heijn is the best supermarket chain in the country and a huge crowd puller.  In Almere Parkwijk the location is next to the rail way station and in front of the Albert Heijn. The third location is unknown to me, but I could imagine another Albert Heijn to locate the container next to.

To me it shows that KPN is starting to become more serious about selling FTTH. I still find it strange that it is under just one brand and not its premium brand XS4ALL for instance, but at least its a step.

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