Sunday, 27 September 2009

Must read/see: Layar, Netflix saving millions, Telefonica invents FON on crack

Very Short post. Just some stuff that needs viewing:

Layar: Dutch company doing augmented reality browsers. Really the coolest stuff around. Wanting my next phone to support this (Android and iPhone)

How Netflix could save hundreds of Millions: Vijay Gill of Google calculates how much it would cost for Netflix to send all its traffic over the net instead of the US Mail. It would save hundreds of millions: Blog and Spreadsheet. According to some hardcore networking and peering geeks the numbers are conservative. Hat tip to Lantao

Telefonica doing some real inventing: Combining multiple DSL lines of different subscribers to one line for one user by combining several wifi access points. This is FON on steroids and crack. It opens up a vision of the future where your device would just look at how much spectrum and lines it can use depending upon its subscription and not anymore one accesspoint, one pc. Imagine combining UMTS/Wifi/Wimax and on top of that combining multiple wifi access points in that batch of wimax UMTS. I hope you can follow... Hat tip to Jap

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  1. Hi, Rudolf,
    Interesting only if (big if) is taken to the market. Nothing so far has happened AFAIK. Telefonica has an (illustrious?) record of shelving all service innovations that what come out from their R&D division.


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