Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Dilemma: Do I choose Reggefiber/KPN or UPC

Maybe you readers can react and give me a clue of what I should do, because I am in a difficult spot here.
Tomorrow Reggefiber will install the FTTH in my home. Pictures will follow. So in a month or two, I will be able to get KPN over fiber here. Now you would imagine me to go for the fiber offer. I have promoted it everywhere. I still think that fiber is the coolest thing to happen in a long while... However this is the choice I am facing.

I currently spend 80 euro/month on Triple Play. Alice Internet 20/1 DSL+phone international 50 and UPC Royal TV.30
The TV is non-negotiable. BBC 1, 2, 3, 4 are watched alot here. KPN can't offer it yet.

KPN offers me 30/3 internet and free national calls at 55. So with UPC Royaal TV at 30 that makes 85.
UPC offers me 60/6 internet, free national and europe wide calls and UPC Royaal TV at 74 euro/month
UPC even offers me 90/6 internet, free national and europe wide calls and UPC Royaal TV at 84 euro/month

So what should I choose? Go for a year of Docsis 3.0 and hope KPN gets the point or go with fiber even though it misses the sparkles.

Please give a reaction in the comments


  1. I'd take the fiber for two reasons:
    a. early contention is likely to be low, so your nominal might be higher than a more contended 90/6
    b. You've been saying (like me) that fiber was the end game. This is your chance of claiming it loud or slamming KPN if they don't deliver!

  2. I'd stay with KPN with a hacked iPlayer or P2P for the BBC... :-). It's on demand... :-)

  3. I suggest going with whatever works. I also think your two months is optimistic :-)

  4. UPC. Show KPN that fiber =! adsl so 30/3 shoudl become 30/30.

  5. Looks like an easy choice to me. UPC with ED3.0.

  6. UPC - stick it to the man, punish KPN for clinging to asymmetry.

  7. Make your choice easier and wait till 27/6 when Online announce their products. Which will most likely the same as XMS. Than you will have HDTV (IPTV)+telephone+50Mb SDSL fiber which means 50Mb up and down. I think, if you make your choice too early, you crying your heart out with UPC or KPN.


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