Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Thou shalt not promote wireless broadband for (Dutch) homes

Warning, for those pushing wireless broadband

I just spend the last 5 days without DSL. The only connectivity I had HSDPA through my Nokia E51 and it was ghastly. I should have perfect connectivity, according to my phone I have full bars 3G reception. The problem is 3G. It doesn't work where I live. Or better said, what I live in.

(on wireless your happy with getting a drop)
 I (we) have a Dutch house build in 1999/2000. Great, house, really proud of it. 160m^2, garden in front, garden in the back, 4 bedrooms, big bathroom, attic, garage, well insulated, garden on the south side, semi-semi-detached, Fibre to MY home planned for november this year. BUT 3G signal indoors is just horrible. The reinforced concrete and brick walls, the double glazing, the wooden floors insulated with tin foil it just kills any and all wireless signals in the higher frequency ranges. Indoors I even have trouble getting wifi to work in all rooms. And this is the case in most houses build after 1990 in The Netherlands.

The best throughput I got from using GPRS. Trust me, life isn't fun in the GPRS world. I never want to go back there again. Even Google Search is dreadful on GPRS.

(wired you get water continously)
So please if ever someone promotes wireless as a last mile technology, point them to my blog and show them these two brilliant pictures made by  Robin Eckermann


  1. Love the pictures and totally agree with you, Rudolf. Try living somewhere nice (ie green and rural with clean air for your kids to breathe and half decent schools for them to go to), and see if you can get 3G then, even outside. I'm lucky if I get a mobile signal at all!

    But you know what, it's a fair trade.

    Next time someone tells me that WiMAX is the solution to the digital divide, I may well point them your way!

  2. love the pictures, really made me chuckle!



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