Thursday, 15 May 2008

On embedding and a Scribd version OECD paper on Future of Fibre

In recent weeks I learned more about the value of embedding stuff into pages. Scribd is one of those services that allows people to embed papers. What I really start to wonder is why every webserver and browser doesn't come enabled with a bit of neat technology to allow embedding movies, presentations and pdf's. When I started using the internet in 94 it wasn't possible to view .jpg's inline in Netscape. Pictures had to be downloaded and then viewed. Now everything is a picture. However if we want to be able to publish movies, presentations and documents in an easy fashion we either have to download or use a third party service. Good ones that I found so far are Viddix, Scribd, Slideshare and Youtube and for some applications even Flickr.

I would love to see an embedding-tag. And here is an embedded document:

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