Thursday, 20 March 2008

Mobile Growth in India is something different

Yesterday I wrote something about how Bharti Airtel sees one network for all as a viable option. I also did some speculation on growth in India, without actually really knowing the numbers. Today Om Malik linked to Unstrung where they show the latest growth figures in India. Prepare to be shocked! (at least I was)

8.44 Million new customers per month! -> Close to 100 million per year?
This is actually down from 8.77 million in January, because one operator is facing serious supply problems for mobile equipment
Bharti Airtel by itself did over 2.25 million new subs for a total of 59 million.
There are currently 246 million mobile phone users. By the end of the year there will be more mobile phone users in India than there are people in the US. In two years more than the entire population of the EU.

However I do wonder how they will get mobile broadband as this would require an even larger investment in networks and fibre than is currently taking place.

China probably does similar numbers...

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