Wednesday, 5 January 2011

This blog is going on (semi-)hiatus

It has been a blast to be writing blogposts here. It was conceived as a way for me to vent of the ideas in my head and to be in contact with others who are interested in telecoms. Over 350 people now subscribe to my feed, articles get read and linked to. I've actually become a bit known in the industry because of you my readers, reacting and forwarding the articles.

However, as you know, I've started a new job at the OECD. It is a fantastic workplace with brilliant people and high level discussions of telecommunications policy. It also means that no matter what I blog about in the telecom industry, it is directly related to my work. The consequence of that is, that it will be very  hard to separate the two and so I've decided to put the blog on semi-hiatus for the time that I work in Paris. I may write and Twitter occasionally or link to something I've published elsewhere. So don't delete me from your feed readers and Twitter just yet.

If you are in Paris anytime, send me note. I love to meet people and actually will go and have dinner tonight with someone I met through the blog!


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