Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Will be in Paris and Brussels next week (discussing M2M, switching and roaming)

I seem to have 250 followers for this blog. Some of you may be in Brussels and Paris, so if you want to let's meet up.

I am in Paris on Monday and Tuesday. Pretty packed with meetings, but there may be some time for a meeting on Monday morning and Tuesday afternoon. (and yes, I'm presenting on Monday afternoon, right when the Netherlands is playing, so I might have to wear an orange tie to express my support for the team)

I am going to present some work I have been doing on Machine to Machine and especially the problems related to switching of providers for large scale M2M deployments. Switching 100k SIM-cards is no fun. Also there is a serious problem with roaming and M2M that is related to the switching problem. Try getting a good deal on roaming for large scale M2M. It is nigh impossible. The trouble is that everything has to go through your home operator and for them it is not always in their interest to offer you a good deal and it is impossible for you to steer all your traffic to the one network that gives you a good deal and not to the other expensive ones. The solutions seems to be becoming your own MVNO, with your own SIM-cards and Mobile Network Code. Very exciting stuff and I will publish more about it in the future.

On Wednesday I will be in Brussels, so that I can attend a session on the Future of the Internet of the Oxford Internet Institute on Thursday. My calender is pretty empty, so if anyone wants to meet, please mail me.

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