Friday, 19 February 2010

Help me win an MBA and vote for me

I'm participating in the FD Career Challenge, by the Dutch Financial Times. I could win a 2 day mini MBA and a full executive MBA. The idea is that the world needs new leaders in this time of economic crisis as the old ones clearly have failed. The challenges until now were selecting the leaders you like and a 300 word essay on "where do you lead". The last bit is a popularity challenge (or as they say, whether I can rally my network). So here it is, my appeal to you to vote for me and choose five traits you like about me. It's in Dutch, but just choose the words you seem to recognize. After you have voted, you will receive an e-mail where you need to click a link with "bevestigen" in it. This confirms you are not a automated script. :-)

I went with this poster and slogan, I bet that many of you think that this is what every leader in the telecom industry should want:  Ubiquitous Fiber and Wireless connectivity for all along the lines of my party programme: "How to be the greatest ISP". :-)

Please follow the link and select the traits you find best fitting me :-) BTW the picture is by Duncan Davidson

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