Wednesday, 4 February 2009

UPC will not fight KPN-Reggefiber-Amsterdam deal

Everybody has written about the KPN-Reggefiber deal already. Webwereld has one new thing to add and that is that UPC will not fight the deal. At least that is what their spokesperson says.They might change their opinion of course, but it doesn't seem likely. They lost the previous round already and there is no indication the city of Amsterdam wouldn't be allowed to do this or for KPN and Reggefiber to get a too big market share.

UPC however isn't going down without a fight. Their margins are great (after the almost bankruptcy a couple of years ago), so they have some space to fight KPN. Furthermore their current offer looks very appealing. I'll take some time later to have a shootout between KPN Glasvezel and UPC.

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